Florida Families offers a parallel alternative to adversarial family court litigation that brings together families experiencing a marital crisis. We foster a co-operative problem-solving environment that helps parents contemplating divorce resolve issues and financial matters without costly and destructive litigation.

We can provide, if needed, neutral third-party mediators that can help you negotiate the issues on which you disagree.

Do not get trapped for years in family court. Learn more about our mission and how to get involved by contacting Florida Families today.


Florida Families helps parents and their families respectfully work through core issues and negotiate resolutions tailored to their family's needs. We provide resources and support that help families:

  • Resolve family disputes cooperatively
    Many parents can resolve on their own without third-party assistance. If needed, certified mediators will work with you to help you reach mutually agreeable solutions that are fair and in your entire family's best interest, especially your children.
  • Protect your privacy and your budget
    Your information is treated with strict confidentiality. All communications made between the parents at any mediation is confidential and privileged, and not subject to disclosure at any subsequent proceeding, as provided in the Florida Mediation Law. When legal expertise is required, our cooperative attorneys protect your privacy, encourage cooperation, and work efficiently for you and your family.
  • Reach an agreement that is right for your family
    Unlike the adversarial system in family court, any agreements that you reach are privileged and confidential. Some arrangements may not even need to be filed with the clerk of the court.
  •      Help build a better future for our children. Contact us today.


The work we do would not be possible without the generous support of people like you. Please join us as we build a humane and gender-neutral alternative to traditional divorce that respects and protects parental and human rights.

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