We believe in parenting as a practice of freedom

We believe in parenting as a practice of freedom

A passionate group of parents has come together to launch Florida Families as part of a better way than adversarial family court.

Anyone seeking freedom by voting and petitioning those in power or relying on representatives has already failed. Instead, we are shaping the future for the better as something new. You don't need to rely on those in authority to make good parenting decisions.

The overwhelming majority of parents who petition family courts to help them do so hastily, when feeling heightened emotions. They have no idea that their faith in law and the judicial system is about to be ruthlessly shattered. So, we make it our mission to support families in crisis - starting with parents contemplating divorce. We help them avoid the most severe problems brought about by adversarial family courts.

We are a community of volunteer parents, certified mediators, cooperative attorneys, licensed mental health professionals, coaches, and others; as well as an expansion network of donors and advisers. A member of our team of coordinators serves as your primary contact from crisis to stability and beyond. We are proud of what we are building and look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

We owe our children a future free from violation and injustice and a society that handles divorce in a humane and gender-neutral manner.

"The whole idea of divorce court seems to be a very poor way to deal with the separation of a family unit. The problems don't really lend themselves to solutions by a court in an adversary process."

― Justice Rosemary Barkett
The first female Chief Justice of the Florida Supreme Court