Please help us to help even more families in crisis

Whether you have experienced an Adversarial Divorce or you know someone who has, we would love to have you join us in helping children and our future generations.

Our Code of Conduct discourages the following:

  1. Bias and prejudice based on gender, marital status, sexual orientation, or social class
  2. Inequality and discrimination
  3. Abuse - including Parental Alienation, a form of child abuse and family violence.

We seek to bring the benefits of freedom and justice to everyone; equally.


Your actions make it real. Say "NO" to the multi-billion-dollar Divorce and Child Support Industries.

Every day in America, parents are picked clean by predatory lawyers, supportive and collusive judges, and various experts, all in the name of children. This everyday abuse of entrusted power for private gain must stop.

Florida Families is instrumental in building a world, one community at a time, where no one is a victim of unconstitutional federal programs or lawless state family courts.

Please join us in the fight against the corrupt and collusive Divorce and Child Support Industries and to protect the unalienable rights of individuals no matter what their gender, marital status, sexual orientation, or social class. Real change requires that each of us do what we can. Your contribution changes lives.

Donations made will raise crucial funds for Florida Families and its service providers to assist families in crisis without the unnecessary conflict on which the Divorce and Child Support Industries thrive.

Please sponsor a family in crisis.

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* Recurring payments will be debited by Florida Families, Inc. until you notify us to stop. In case you need to cancel, please send us an email at info@floridafamilies.us, notifying us to stop your recurring payments.

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