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Florida Families' Senior Leadership Team, Board of Directors, and every staff member believe that our children and future generations deserve a society that handles divorce in a humane and gender-neutral manner.

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Our Founder


Todd Schuelke is the founder and President of Florida Families, an organization that offers a parallel alternative to adversarial family court litigation for resolving marital issues. Tens of millions of parents in the United States suffer civil and human rights violations under federal Social Security Act programs and state family courts. Countless people suffer equally in countries throughout the world.

Florida Families has committed to driving down the number of preventable divorces involving children and raising awareness among parents of co-operative dispute resolution benefits instead of an adversarial divorce. Todd is a divorced father of two.

Florida Families benefits from a community of over 250 volunteer parents who belong to a local family advocacy group established under his leadership. His signature issues include unequal parenting, unmanageable child support debt, and the widespread use of false allegations of abuse as the "silver bullet" technique for securing sole child custody.

As an entrepreneur, Todd has helped local nonprofits with fundraising, online and traditional public relations, including government relations. Before that, he was part of the senior management group at a Silicon Valley growth company and implemented co-investment relationships with two large private equity firms in Chicago. While commuting from Chicago, he encountered the adversarial family court system in Florida in his own divorce and post-divorce proceedings. This troubling experience motivated him to dedicate his life to helping families in marital crises and creating a future free from such violation and injustice for his children and future generations.




Lisa Sheldon is a member of the Board of Directors for Florida Families. She is a divorced mother of three and has experienced the adversarial court system first-hand. After enduring years of emotional abuse culminating in court-embattled turmoil, she seeks new alternatives to assist divorcing parents truly create a long-term, cooperative, co-parenting environment.

As a result of her experience, some of her cornerstone advocacy issues include systemic corruption within the court system, improving understanding and awareness that many of the contentious divorce/time-sharing issues are gender-neutral and affect just as many women as men. She also believes mental health evaluations should be the first step in devising a successful parenting plan for realistic, lasting outcomes. She firmly believes that every child deserves a happy, loving, and positive relationship with both parents.

Along with Todd Schuelke, Lisa was a co-organizer of a large family advocacy group for three years. She has now turned her focus on growing Florida Families. Her story is recounted in the book From Heartbreak to Healing: Resolving Parental Alienation by Cara Koch. In her professional life, she is a Department of Defense editor and writer living in Tampa, Florida.